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West Ramsey

West was born in Sacramento and developed a love for acting at a young age.  Although his love for acting came from film, he discovered theater while in high school and developed the "bug" and performed onstage for over 20 years before he discovered film.

West sort of invited himself to join a friend to be a zombie in a film called Raise the Dead by local filmmaker Jace Whitman and he has never looked back.  West started his film acting career by participating in local film festival challenges such as A Place Called Sacramento, the 10x10 for the Sacramento Film & Music Festival and the 48 hour for the Sacramento International Film Festival.

His first two first feature films, Monster from Bikini Beach by Trash Film Orgy and Sawtooth by Justin Buettner gave him a real sense of what is was like to work in feature films and his love and passion for acting in film began to blossom.

West has acted steadily in all types of films projects, playing a wide variety of characters from nerd to cowboy to thug to zombie to scientist to nun.  He has been incredibly blessed to be a part of so many wonderful projects and is currently planning his escape from his full time job to try to make a living doing what he truly loves. 

West is also an avid photographer who enjoys taking theater and film stills, among many other types of photography.  He is often seen on set/location, (when not in front of the camera) taking production and behind the scenes photos.


West is currently based out of Portland, Oregon and represented by Take 2. 

Agent Adler in the short film Jimmy Attitude by Tyler Zurcher

2010 - present

2010 - present

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